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More notes about our high resolution pictures:

It our my hope that this discussion will assure you of the high quality pictures that are available here at PICTUREJOE.COM

Because of the limitations of our current internet (things like bandwidth, storage space, thru-put limits, and practical considerations such as download time), pictures are presented online in two low resolution viewable forms.    

First, there are very very low resolution thumbnails.  These thumbnail make viewing many pictures practical in a short time on a relatively small amount of screen space.  

Second, there are the low resolution screen viewable proofs which can be seen by clicking "View as a slideshow". The images are big enough to view many details on a screen but still small enough for the practical limitations of our current internet.  

It is important to understand that our prints are printed from much higher resolution pictures than the screen viewable proofs seen in the slideshow.  

Indeed, when you order a print, it is made from a high resolution picture with over 20 times the resolution of the screen viewable proofs.  These full resolution pictures produce sharp clear prints, even in large 8 x 10 inch or larger sizes.

Below are some examples of  each:

As shown in the sample galleries.

screen viewable proof:
As shown in a slideshow. 
These are not of sufficient resolution for printing.

full resolution picture:
This is only a small portion of the full resolution picture.
Our affiliate company uses full resolution pictures to produce high quality prints.


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This page last updated January 5, 2008