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Notes about viewing and ordering our prints:

Fantastic prints at reasonable prices.

Delivered to your door via regular mail.

Fantastic prints are available for purchase, printed professionally by our affiliate company and delivered via mail to your door. 

These are no cheap inkjet imitations, these are the real ones using real photo processing on real photo paper.

Simply click on the event of interest on the main page to view and order your prints.

You will deal directly with our affiliate company, where we offer our prints for sale.

There you can  preview the prints via a slideshow, simply select a album, then click on "View as a slideshow".  You may want to speed up the slideshow by hitting the rightmost ">" on the ">>>" speed control arrows at the bottom left of the slideshow screen.  Also, after the slideshow loads for the first time, it will repeat at a faster rate.  You can also selectively choose a picture or group of pictures to view in the slideshow by clicking on the box below each thumbnail in each album, then starting the slideshow.

To order prints, select the ones of interest. This can be done by either checking box at the left, or interactively while the slideshow is in progress, as you are viewing the slideshow.  Then click on "Order Prints".

International shipping is available.

More notes about our high resolution pictures


questions: picturejoe@sbcglobal.net

This page last updated January 5, 2008